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enCappture recently caught up with Neal Schwartz, President of the Armonk Chamber of Commerce who, in April 2020 during NY Pause resulting from COVID-19, launched an enCappture powered mobile app for Chamber members. While many local Armonk businesses were shuttered or operating on a limited basis due to the statewide phase one quarantine, Schwartz made the bold move of launching the Chamber app as a benefit to the Chamber’s hundreds of restaurant, retail and business members to help keep users informed about a broad range of important topics including CDC guidelines, PPP loan parameters, and insurance matters as well as to allow members to post updates, menus, delivery options, hours of operation and other public facing information to keep the Armonk community engaged, connected, and transacting. 

Says Schwartz, “The Armonk Chamber app has been terrific.  Prior to having an app, we struggled to connect with the end consumer. Now, because information is delivered in real time, the app has tremendous appeal and value for our members, especially during these unprecedented times. The ability to find information, process orders and communicate in the moment using enCappture’s dashboard—and not an outdated or non-updated website, has been a boon to area stores, businesses and restaurants. Our app allows Individual businesses to tailor and customize their user experiences while at the same time, everything Chamber related is housed under one umbrella app. As the Chamber’s chief executive, I appreciate how easy and flexible having this app is.  And the usage data we get has helped me evaluate what features are in biggest demand and helps all members plan inventory and anticipate need.” 

As businesses begin to reopen and events are being re-imagined, Schwartz feels the Chambers’ mobile app will continue to be a valuable tool to announce and manage community activities, art shows and fairs, and share brochures, calendars, provide maps, artist bios, and other event related news and information. 

Schwartz encourages other Chambers to launch mobile apps and looks forward to the day when they can all share best practices. “Having an app has become a portable database for our members to transact and connect dynamically in real time.  It’s been a terrific community building tool.”

About enCappture 

enCappture is a game-changing mobile app platform that allows companies and organizations of all sizes and types to launch a branded experience quickly and inexpensively and is fast becoming the source to help build community, extend reach and engage with audiences 365 days a year. 

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