enCappture-ing the Sports Facility Market is a Home Run for Cager

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Chris McMahon was a frustrated consumer. As a dad and baseball coach (three sons over 30 seasons), McMahon found locating and booking local practice facilities an extremely arduous and time-consuming task. Realizing that necessity was the father of invention, he started CAGER Sports App, a mobile app that books sports facilities and playing fields. Seamlessly connecting coaches, teams, and athletes with batting cages, playing fields and other sports facilities, Cager enables consumers (dads, coaches, teams, schools, and junior baseball camps and clinics) to quickly and easily schedule lessons and practices, register for events, make payments, pay membership fees, and conduct other transactions seamlessly.

Preparing for a beta launch in 2018, McMahon worked with enCappture, a SaaS mobile app development platform, to customize a branded app and has seen sales grow by a remarkable 300 percent. “We’ve been able to simplify and optimize communications and transactions between athletes and sports facilities–a home run for both,” says McMahon, adding “the app performs upfront payments, sends out automated reminders, and adjusts bookings in real time making no-shows a thing of the past.” McMahon credits his app’s ability to instantly process payments for some of its success. “It allows users to manage space and time effectively, which removes a big burden from players, coaches, teams and facilities. Cager also provides a customizable fee structure allowing for members only, semi-private or public facilities.”

The scalable Cager app also gives facilities an easy, turn-key method of marketing themselves. Facilities can onboard new customers and engage with them via promotions and updates. Cager currently books facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and in upstate New York. Ever expanding, Cager will be home to facilities in Long Island and Florida in late 2020. 

In October of 2020, Cager became the official booking app of Diamond Nation, a well-known 65-acre baseball and softball training complex in Flemington, New Jersey that hosts 50 baseball and softball tournament style events annually attracting scouts from all over the country. “500,000 people a year engage with Diamond Nation,” said McMahon. “The Cager app’s ability to have everything in one place, from branding and managing the teams that play there, to collecting fees, and text messaging schedules, practices, and even ump changes, is game changing.” 

As with all industries, 2020 has presented unique challenges for the sports facility industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, among them the need to perform touchless transactions. “enCappture’s technology enables sports facilities to accept payments and reservations remotely” said McMahon adding, “this allows for safe booking virtually and gives facilities time to schedule important sanitation and preparation activities between use.” The app also notifies users whether events and practices are indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather.

With 2000 unique users, McMahon is almost as impressed with how his app performs as the people and facilities that use it. “Facilities are blown away that they can book a session, send an email, and create an ad campaign to drive sales all in the space of 15 minutes.” Echoing McMahon’s enthusiasm, a Cager Sports app user in Brick, NJ who was previously using another software, recently asked McMahon, “Where has this been all my business life? It’s amazing!”



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