CNY Group Uses its Branded Mobile App to Improve Workplace Productivity

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“Having a mobile app breaks down corporate barriers and allows for organic human connectivity and greater collaboration,” says CNY Group President, Ken Colao. 

Colao and CNY Group VP People & Culture Katie Urtnowski had a challenge: How could they use technology to foster better, faster, and deeper employee communication within their 160-person construction company? 

The answer was the mobile app platform, enCappture, which CNY used to launch its branded app in 2018. What the CNY team discovered was that having an app not only improved company-wide communication, it also increased employee morale and camaraderie. As a result, the company has experienced an increase in productivity, “In certain situations we’re doing things in real time with less reliance on  emails and  phone calls” said Colao, adding, “the app supports collaboration between employees and management and helps us get things done faster.” 

Having a family-oriented culture, CNY’s management are always open for ways to further reinforce and foster a “family” vibe. After incorporating their new enCappture mobile app throughout the company, management was able to organize and promote CNY’s social events and regular town hall sessions more easily. Using the countdown clock feature before each event was key in building anticipation before events and holiday parties. Afterwards, employees used the media gallery to create a “CNY family photo album” where everyone was able to share event photos and comments. They also used enCappture’s photo feature to organize and share themed photo contests and throwback baby picture days, (“Oh, wait, the boss was a baby once too, one employee posted in the comments section).

Like it did for all businesses, the COVID-19 quarantine presented unique communications challenges for the team at CNY. Boosting creativity into overdrive, they collaborated on new employee engagement ideas to use their app in new creative and imaginative ways to connect employees working from home. “Our app hosted contests and content about everything from best quarantine exercise photo to most creative work from home environment. It even allowed people to share tips for healthy living” said Urtnowski adding, “having an app helped to bound us together while we were sheltering in place apart. The app made our remote happy hours fun and engaging.” Many of these activities are still being employed as CNY’s employees continue to work remotely. 

According to Colao, “After two years of using our mobile app company-wide, we’ve really seen a difference in the overall work environment, improved employee/management relationships and increased morale and productivity.” Colao sees more uses for his app, too. “We plan on expanding the app outside the firm to engage field workforce and other stakeholders in areas of safety and resolution of construction and field-oriented problems. We’re also exploring new ways to utilize the app’s analytics to guide marketing activity and help us create more targeted communications, polls and surveys.

The app is versatile and the more we focus on its application the more we find new ways to organize information and streamline internal marketing. In the new world of increased virtual meetings and WFH practices we are adapting quickly and now exploring organizing with the app project chat rooms as well as opportunities to recruit and onboard new employees.”

“Both Katie and I are extremely pleased to have this app as part of our communication strategy and look forward to continued engagement with the enCappture team.”

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