Cross County Center Goes Digital, New Mobile App Launches in December

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There is the old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Perhaps the modern-day version would be “A pandemic is the midwife of technological advancement.” Due to the increasingly restrictive safety protocols nationwide and particularly in New York, retail businesses are counting on technology to keep their customers coming and their sales flowing. 

The Cross County Center Center, a large regional outdoor shopping and lifestyle center, in Yonkers is meeting these times head on with its plans to launch its own mobile app this month to enable its stores and restaurants to continue operating while providing a safe and enjoyable shopping and dining experience for their customers. 

How the app was born 

Armonk native and lifelong resident, Denise DiSano, CEO of the mobile app technology firm, enCappture and her team (who also include Armonk residents Katherine Hazan and Evelyne Gibson) began working with fellow Armonk resident, Craig Deitelzweig, CEO of Marx Realty. Deitelzweig tapped DiSano and her team to create a solution for Marx’ Cross County Center to provide curbside pickup capabilities for all restaurants on the property due to the pandemic.

Challenged by statewide COVID restrictions on re-opening businesses, the stores at Cross County Center needed a quick, easy way to entice customers back, whether in person or remotely. They needed a tool that was widely accessible, easy to use, and provided real-time information about their stores, including how to find them. In a few short weeks, DiSano and her team created Cross County Center’s mobile app, which officially launches in the Apple and Google Play Stores in December.

How the app works 

The Cross County Center app is free to download on any smartphone (iPhone or Android). It provides a user-friendly map of the property with its wide array of retail shops, restaurants, gyms, banks, and other attractions. 

Users can browse the lifestyle center virtually on their phone, search for a particular restaurant or store, place food orders, check out hours and delivery or pickup options. For the holiday season, visitors can even book a time to skate at the center’s new mini “Rockefeller Center” ice skating rink.   

“This app is exactly what the Cross County Center and its businesses need — particularly with what promises to be an important and potentially huge (lots of pent-up demand and propensity to celebrate) holiday shopping season this year. All of our businesses will use the app to adapt to the ‘new normal’ of virtual shopping, as well as utilize its features to keep everyone safe. It’s sure to give the economy in our area a nice boost. ” Marx CEO, Craig Deitelzweig

The Cross County Center app launches December, 2020, and will be available in the Apple and Google Play stores for download. 

The Cross County Center is located at 8000 Mall Walk, Yonkers, NY. For more info:   

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