Feature driven.

enCappture's suite of robust features makes it easy to highlight, manage and share events and user experiences.

Event Info / RSVPs

Describe and share event details, invite participants, manage responses

Private Messaging

Communicate privately with one user or network with many

Polls & Surveys

Gain insights to drive marketing, refine content and tailor experiences

Attendee/User Lists

Access and communicate with all users within each experience (classes, events, groups)

In-app Camera

Activate the camera to allow users to share photos and videos

Document Management

Upload files to add relevant content (forms, fliers, mp3 files, artwork, spreadsheets)

Countdown Clocks

Set up one clock or many to build anticipation (events, projects, classes, launches)

Media Galleries

Include media galleries for training videos, product demos, and for users to share experiences

Web Links

Feed digital content (websites, blogs, social media, video channels, e-commerce stores, and application forms)

Chat Boards

Build community and connect audiences using chat boards

Points & Leaderboards

Reward user behavior using the built-in point system and leaderboard

Trivia Challenges

Keep audiences engaged and promote sponsors with customizable games and contests

Specific to your needs.

Customize each user experience in 4 easy steps


Choose a menu layout.
Select a look that gives each screen personality


Add design elements. 
Customize your app by adding brand imagery, colors, and fonts


Populate menus with engaging features and content. 
Select multiple features and customize with brand content


Choose your audience. 
From the dashboard, segment audiences by interest, geography, community and create unlimited user experiences with engaging content just for them

Integrations complete the user experience.

Integrate with your existing business software and systems to create a seamless brand experience

Engage with your audience today!