7 app features to build engagement and wow users

July 21, 2021

Enhancing the user experience

Questionnaire with timestamp

You can use the questionnaire feature for a daily check-in with your target audience. Confirm date of completion with the timestamp. 

Audience data

When determining how your audiences are engaging with your content or brand, analytics are essential. Check out the analytics screens for surveys, questionnaires, polls and trivia. You can easily segment your audience and send real-time communications. 

This feature is also a great way to gauge your audience’s likes and dislikes, input on a new product or service, or to determine future features for your app. 

Event management

Create an in-app event experience on steroids! Have all the information in one place right on your attendees’ mobile device. You can create a room around your event to boost event attendance and participation. Make the sign-up process seamless, add information and links to speakers and keep your attendees up-to-date with push notifications. When setting up your virtual event details be sure to include the link for Zoom, Google Meets, or Teams. 

Easy-to-use layouts that build engagement

Form layouts

You can now create a survey or a form on one screen or several screens. Simply, add your questions into the dashboard and view them within your app. 

User-experience layouts

Use beautiful llayouts for events, courses, retail, restaurants and more. Choose your color palette and branding and add features and functionality that resonate with your target audience. The more appealing your app is, the more engagement you’ll receive. 

Communication layouts

Try the “stacked” layout available for chat. Use the chat feature to communicate in real-time with your audience in-app. 

Landing screen layout

The landing screen is an informational screen with layouts that make your content stand out! Optimize your landing screen for maximum engagement.