athLEDA: How a Mobile App Keeps Student-Athletes Connected

May 9, 2022
apps for student-athletes

If the athLEDA team knows one thing about student-athletes, it’s that they have a lot on their plate. In their mission to provide these over-taxed students with much-needed resources and mentorship, athLEDA needed to create a central hub that worked with their hectic, often variable athletic schedules — and meet student-athletes where they already were, on their phones and in-app.   

To help make this vision a reality, athLEDA enlisted the help of enCappture — and thanks to enCappture’s experience creating engaging mobile apps for associations, the team knew exactly what features the athLEDA app needed to succeed. Let’s take a closer look.

apps for student-athletes

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Key features to keep students engaged in-app  

athLEDA knew their app had to be fresh, relevant, and easily accessible if it was to cut through the noise and keep student-athletes engaged while in the app. enCappture worked with athLEDA stakeholders to ensure these key features were optimized for the best user journey possible:

  • Easy onboarding — Student-athletes don’t have time to decipher a complicated interface, which is why the athLEDA app adopted a smooth, straightforward onboarding process to ensure app downloads convert to consistent usage.
  • Small habits — Aware of the limited free time available to student-athletes, athLEDA made sure their app content could be consumed in bite-sized chunks. Learning experiences and assessments are delivered in 3-4 minutes, allowing student-athletes to easily integrate the app experiences into their day, and eventually become habit.
  • Flexible scheduling — To address the variable and ever-changing schedules of student-athletes, enCappture made sure the athLEDA app can easily aggregate student-athlete and mentor availability and identify mutually-agreeable meeting times.
  • Interactive content — Recognizing the popularity of interactive video content on TikTok, athLEDA brought a welcome element of fun to their app with interactive video challenges. As an added bonus, this interactive content creates a micro-community in the app among those student-athletes who participate in the challenge at hand.
  • Social features — To meet athLEDA’s goal of creating a community of like-minded student-athletes and mentors, the app implements several social functions to encourage communication (comment boards, direct messaging) and friendly competition (leaderboards). 


Get your members connected with a custom mobile app

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Learn how athLEDA bring mentorship to student-athletes through a custom mobile app.

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