Employee Engagement App

November 14, 2022
Employee Engagement App

How Mobile App Technology is Changing the Game for Employees & Remote Workers

Finding and retaining quality, long-term employees is becoming increasingly difficult. A high performing team member has been shown to be 400 percent more productive than average, according to a recent study of 600,000 organizations by Herman Aguinis and Ernest O’Boyle Jr. 

This figure of productivity is further highlighted in more complex areas of management and software development. According to the late Steve Jobs, “a small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.” However, finding and keeping the right talent and finding these “A+ players” can prove difficult.

A Shift in Mindset: Balance & Purpose

The recent cultural shifts over the last two years means that more individuals are considering their current employment circumstances and making significant decisions during a time when businesses require all the talent possible to upkeep the demand for products and services.

According to Gallup, a leading analytics firm, many workers are weighing the options when it comes to work-life balance and purpose-driven work, leading to higher employer turnover in recent years. 61% percent of today’s workforce prioritizes purpose and work-life balance (compared to just 53% in 2015). 

The Great Resignation was catalyzed by the pandemic and saw millions of workers leaving their job, while Robert Half released a 2021 report outlining that 21% percent of Canadians were planning to look for a new role in the near future.

The Employer Problem: Attracting and Keeping Talent

The modern employment landscape is competitive, with numerous organizations on the market looking for the most qualified talent. Finding key personnel who can drastically impact your bottom line and customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly competitive.

The problem is two-fold; acquiring talent costs an average of $4,700 over the course of 42 days to fill an open position according to The Society for Human Resources Management. In addition to these costs, the void left behind by a knowledge worker leaving after a given period of time spans across knowledge gaps and expertise, reduced productivity levels, and direct costs of replacement.

In addition to the direct and indirect costs of attracting and retaining talent, another threat to organizational success involves “poaching” of talent for higher salaries or benefits.

Staff Retention & Employee Engagement

The modern business landscape shifts quickly, and employers have quickly learned that a renewed focus on staff retention and loyalty will have a considerable impact on the efficiency of their organization.

The Key: Make your company desirable to work for, making it easier to hire superstars who are INVESTED in the company’s success.

Making your company “desirable to work for” seems like a simple concept, however it can be complex and nuanced.

An employee engagement strategy needs to encompass multiple avenues of employee satisfaction, while bringing a collaborative network of support, connection and community. Many companies fall short of this initiative, with the following three factors often as main culprits:

Lack of Employee Recognition:
Companies scoring in the top 20% of employee engagement have 59% less turnover.

Lack of Transparency:
Companies who reward their employees increased productivity by 14%.

Disconnection from Peers:
Following the pandemic, 65% of workers surveyed by Pew Research feel less connected to their peers. Cigna’s Research Center has released data that demonstrates lonely workers’ greater risk for turnover and reduced productivity.

Bridging the Gap: Employee Engagement Apps

As the research outlined in this article shows, employee engagement is absolutely vital to an organization’s efficiency, productivity and bottom-line revenue.

These elements of the employer-employee relationship have been difficult to address—until now. With a mobile app designed to increase employee engagement, you can set your organization miles ahead of competitors!

Attract Quality Employees & Interview for Success

With an employee engagement app, your organization will be able to accurately represent their brand with on trend quality technology solutions. 

When it comes to filling new positions, you can differentiate yourself by integrating application forms, interview invites, and chat messaging within your company’s branded app.

“Engaged employees outperform their peers… companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable”

Gallup, Management Consulting & Research Firm

Seamless Onboarding Experience

With a done-for-you employee engagement app, your company will be able to seamlessly integrate new hires within your digital ecosystem by providing one convenient place for systems, processes, and training documentation/videos.

New hires will be excited by your progreessive technological capabilities included in your employee engagement program, with a one-stop location on their mobile device to instantly connect and find the answers they need. New employees will start off on the right foot, fully engaged and dedicated to provide the best service possible.


Foster a Strong Community

Your Employee Engagement app will allow you to integrate employee handbooks, onboarding checklists and company presentations—all in one convenient location. 

No more binders and stacks of papers to review; you can even opt to include their new employment contract within the onboarding process in your engagement app!


  • Complete event management
  • Educational resources on new products & services
  • Training, chat boards, image uploads
  • Polls, surveys, and challenges

Your employees, whether remote or in-office, will be able to collaborate and communicate in one central location, branded to your organization, with all the engaging features to keep a more connected community environment.

Employee Engagement App Case Study:

New York Firm Enhances Internal Employee Engagement

CNY is a Construction Company that uses a Corporate app for internal employee engagement, communications and external customer events, as well as updates on products and services that the company offers.

CNY struggled to find a quick and effective way to communicate with employees. With so much remote work, it was challenging to create a corporate culture and community that spanned across miles. Many companies have tried to implement solutions like Facebook groups, Google Hangouts, or WhatsApp texts to improve employee engagement. However, these distracting platforms limited individuals who were uncomfortable or unfamiliar with using various social media platforms.

Additionally, these options were not secure or robust solutions. enCappture turned out to be the perfect solution, building a mobile engagement app to help keep employees informed and engaged. You can find out more about their 100% custom mobile app on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


Employee Engagement is Directly Tied to Business Success

Good employee engagement is defined by Gallup as “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.” Why not equip key personnel with the tools to help them thrive?

At enCappture, we recognize and value the importance of employee engagement and its indirect impact on business productivity and the bottom line.

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping businesses create and launch 100% customizable employee engagement apps. With our help, hundreds of business owners and managers have found a way to quickly launch an effective app that drastically streamlines