Cager Sports: How a Mobile Sports App is Changing the Game

June 13, 2022

If you have ever tried to coordinate your kids’ athletic schedules, you know how chaotic this can be. Parents have to juggle their jobs on top of extracurriculars for potentially more than one child. Coaches need to organize tournaments. Camps must focus on their training regimens and ensure access to the right facilities for dozens, if not hundreds of young athletes. Needless to say, anyone helping to organize athletic schedules needs a quick and hassle-free way to schedule practice time. Chris McMahon developed just that in his innovative mobile sports app. 

As a father and coach to three baseball-playing sons, Chris was tired of the traditional, disjointed scheduling approach that requires organizers to call multiple venues and batting cages and often leaves them with a string of unanswered voicemails and emails. So he reached out to enCappture for its expertise in creating custom turnkey apps.

Cager Sports App Case Study

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A grand slam for sports companies and consumers 

Cager Sports App was bound for the big leagues with utilitarian features that make life easier for users on both sides of the app.

    • GPS-based regional listings: Cager utilizes users’ locations to pinpoint local sports facilities. By listing the town or city in which the facility is located and its availability status, users can quickly scroll through options without having to navigate through multiple search tabs or hours-of-operation pages. 
  • Real-time scheduling service: By listing the open slots for each facility in an in-app calendar, Cager cuts down on scheduling time. Organizers can quickly select a time frame for their athlete(s) and facilities are free from the stress of booking reservations on their end. In addition, cages and fields have plenty of time to complete health-safety procedures. 

Add in-app payments, automated appointment reminders, and daily promotions to the list of useful features, and it’s clear that Cager fills a need many people did not even know they had. 

So, it is no surprise Cager rocketed to success in October 2020 when it became the official booking app of Diamond Nation, a well-known 65-acre baseball and softball training complex in Flemington, New Jersey. Diamond Nation hosts 50 baseball and softball tournament-style events annually, attracting scouts from all over the country. 

All told, roughly 500,000 people engage with Diamond Nation every year — and Cager Sports has been integral to streamlining processes. “The Cager app’s ability to have everything in one place, from branding and managing the teams that play there, to collecting fees, and text messaging schedules, practices, and even ump changes, is game-changing.” 

Strikeout your competition with a custom mobile app

enCappture makes creating mobile apps easy. With engaging features and a simple onboarding process, a custom turnkey app from enCappture will give you a step-up in your industry in as soon as six weeks. 

To learn more about how enCappture can help you knock it out of the park, schedule a live demo today.


CAGER Sports app simplifies scheduling batting practice & much more with an all-in-one app.
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