How Mobile Apps Are Transforming Property Management

March 14, 2022
How Mobile Apps Are Transforming Property Management

Tenant experience is an increasingly important component of a successful commercial real estate company’s strategy. In the past, property owners did not necessarily have to spend much time or effort thinking about what is, essentially, the tenants’ user experience. But as competition heats up, especially among high-end clients, tenant experience matters more than ever. 

The COVID-19 pandemic hit commercial real estate hard. As people were told to quarantine, office buildings across the globe emptied out and people scrambled to figure out how to work from home. Pew Research found that in 2020 about 7 out of 10 workers who said their jobs could be done remotely were working from home. And for many companies — and more importantly, their workers — it was suddenly clear that maybe they didn’t need all that office space, after all. Property managers needed to adapt quickly, putting the emphasis on the experience tenants received — and making sure they could bring people back to the office safely. Mobile apps have emerged as the solution for many building managers.

Mobile apps for property management and tenant experience

A, perhaps, unlikely solution has emerged to help commercial real estate managers not only cope with the new demands placed on them by the coronavirus, but lure new tenants — and keep existing ones — with a luxury experience.

If you went to your office every day and it felt like a luxury hotel, wouldn’t you be more inclined to go? The answer, we assume, is yes, and that’s exactly why property managers are turning to apps to help them provide tenants with concierge services as well as implementing health and safety screenings.

From booking spa appointments to ordering lunch to calling a private car, companies like Marx Realty are using turnkey mobile apps to change the way we think about going to the office.

Mobile app screening Safety

Keep tenants safe with a mobile app

Walking into your office became a much riskier endeavor after COVID-19 swept the globe. In order to keep tenants safe, savvy property managers like Marx Realty started using in-app forms and screening to inquire about possible symptoms. They have also leveraged other turnkey features to schedule deliveries and limit outside access to the building. 

To learn more about these features and others that are helping property managers create better tenant experiences, read our Q&A with enCappture CEO, Denise DiSano. Denise tells us about how mobile apps are transforming the way we think about tenant experience and how turnkey apps are a quick, affordable, and scalable way for property managers to offer new services and amenities to their tenants.