How Mobile Apps Can Attract New Customers

June 9, 2022
How Mobile Apps Can Attract New Customers

Smartphones have become a significant part of everyday life. Most people will spend at least a few hours on their mobile devices every day, and a mobile app for your business will help you attract new customers, ensuring relevance and success. 

Whether you are offering products or services, a mobile app will allow you to reach a wider audience. If your company’s custom mobile app is a quality design that brings functionality and convenience to your customers, they will use it!

The Business landscape is competitive and in order to stay relevant, you need to cater to modern consumer demands and expectations regarding their experience interacting with your brand. A fully branded custom mobile app with an intuitive user interface is a critical component of your online brand presence. When you provide your customers with a seamless mobile app experience, you’ll see drastic improvements to your bottom line.

If you’re interested in expanding your consumer base, mobile apps can help by doing the following:

Create Customer Loyalty and Connection 

Mobile apps will allow you to develop a direct interaction with your customers. When they see that your business branded app is engaging and accessible, they will become loyal customers and prefer your brand over others. Your mobile app should provide users with a convenient, engaging

experience—customers should be able to find the information and buy what they want quickly and easily.

You can also create a points or reward system to make sure customers keep coming back, all these exclusive features will boost user engagement and help establish customer loyalty.

How Mobile Apps Can Attract New Customers Loyalty

Improved Accessibility & Convenience

If you want to attract new customers, you need to make sure your mobile app is easy to use so that consumers feel safe making purchases through your company. 

The buying process should be simple and intuitive.  Additionally, customers should also be able to interact with your company while on the go, and your mobile app should serve as a direct line of communication with your clients.

The best part is with direct communication like “Direct Messaging”, “In-app Messages” and “Push Notifications” you won’t land in their email spam folder!

Make Your Brand More Personable

Your Mobile app holds real estate on your customer’s phone and allows customers to feel directly connected to your brand, so you have to provide them with an enhanced user experience.

This line of communication offers a direct line for customers to have their needs addressed and can act as an amazing customer service tool.  Use the app to answer inquiries and notify customers of relevant discounts and special offers. In short, you are providing users with a platform through which they can directly communicate with your team at their convenience.

Studies have shown that consumers prefer to contact a customer service rep through their mobile app, and this service will expand your reach and help you attract new customers.

How Mobile Apps Can Attract New Customers Brand

Solve problems by offering valuable features

Incorporate features that are truly useful to consumers, and this will ensure they use them repeatedly.

To create maximum engagement put a “hook” that is only available in the app, that keeps the user coming back. If you have a commercial real estate building, put the door lock system in the app to make it more convenient for the tenant. If you offer a service, add exclusive bookings or access to unique content they can only get through the app.

These features will place your company on top, and consumers will also quickly recommend your mobile app to others which is a huge advantage.

Custom Mobile App Builder

Getting your mobile app on the official platforms (Google Play Store for Android and Apple iOS App Store) is not an easy process if you try doing this yourself. The good news is that you don’t have to, and you can circumvent the months-long process of developing and launching your custom mobile app. 

The experts at enCappture will lead you through the entire process to complete your custom mobile app development in weeks—no coding required.

The best part is that your app is dynamic! Any time you want to make an update or change, you can do it yourself using our proprietary online dashboard. Or, if you’d prefer, connect with your mobile coach at enCappture, and they will do it for you!

With enCappture, the process to get your app on the store is much quicker than conventional methods, and the mobile app development phase is a seamless process that requires no coding skills on your end, it’s all Done-For-You!

You can hand off the brand assets, logos, graphics, and color schemes. When you hire our team, the process is stress-free because our systematic method will take you from conception to a live project in far less time.

Why Should My Business Have a Custom Mobile App?

When your brand is “official” on the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS App Store, you gain an instant boost in credibility for each potential customer. With a custom mobile app that is branded to your company’s look, you will be seen as a “tech progressive” company, solidifying trust from leads, prospects, and customers. 

Additionally, the listings for your custom mobile app will help increase your visibility and exposure, along with SEO benefits. If you are looking for a custom mobile app builder and want to attract new customers, get in touch with our team, and we will gladly provide you with more information!