How Small Businesses Are Using Mobile Apps to Leapfrog the Technology Gap

September 12, 2022

Small Business Survival: The Technology Gap

How Companies Can Leapfrog the Technology Gap with a Mobile App Platform

Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, likens operating a business to “war without bullets.” Organizations must thrive in a competitive landscape: key players continuously measure and analyze how to overcome a complex, ever-shifting environment that presents frequent challenges.

“86% of customers will leave… if interacting with that brand results in two to three negative experiences.”

To survive in the modern business world and remain competitive, small and medium-sized businesses must quickly and effectively implement technology innovation to sustain and meet consumer demand and expectations.

Why Small Businesses Need Technology Innovation

With a growing suite of digital tools at the disposal of each consumer, customer-centric experiences are paramount to business success.

According to IBM Consulting, “a bad customer experience—a late delivery, a misunderstanding with the customer support or customer service team—can make customers feel… they’ve been singled out specifically and intentionally.”

User Engagement Rates and Customer Lifetime Value are essential metrics to determine whether your business will survive.

Customer Experience: Brand Loyalty and Increased Revenue

Customer-centric business operations are becoming necessary to thrive in the modern digital landscape. Implementing technology that provides an integrated and seamless user experience is more important than ever for small and medium-sized businesses.

A study determined that 86% of customers will leave a trusted brand indefinitely if interacting with that brand results in two to three negative experiences.

However, most small businesses don’t have the luxury of a full in-house tech department to help them keep up, nor the resources for what can seem like expensive technology overhauls.

Owners, managers, and executives can end up frustrated, taking their eye off the target they need to focus on—Enhancing the business through innovative technology.

Technical Innovation: Is It as Difficult as It Seems?

Executing technical innovation can be daunting to many owners, executives and managers.

Implementing drastic technological change within small and medium-sized businesses can look like an insurmountable “mountain that has to be moved.”

“A bad customer experience can make customers feel they’ve been singled out specifically and intentionally.”

In addition, many small businesses have legacy software or run their business systems on spreadsheets or in-house systems that they developed. Many of these legacy systems “still do the job” just fine; however, they are unsustainable for scaling the business and operating at peak efficiency. These systems and processes become hindrances rather than a catalyst for growth.

The Problem:

    1. Businesses don’t have the time to build out, migrate and implement expensive systems.
    1. Significant time investment is seen as an opportunity cost for implementation and employee training with the new technology.
    1. 40% of businesses surveyed by McKinsey & Company suffered revenue losses due to the pandemic and felt they were behind the competition in their use of digital technology.
    1. Many organizational leaders would like to adopt new technology but do not have the human resources or time to implement digital transformation appropriately.

The Solution: Leapfrogging the Technology Gap

What is “Leapfrogging?”

Leapfrogging is defined as bypassing traditional stages of development, directly jumping to the latest technologies (stage-skipping) or path-creating by exploring emerging technologies.

Leapfrogging is imperative for small businesses to thrive in the modern business landscape. Your organization needs to be nimble and agile and adapt effectively to market trends shifts using the tools at your disposal.

The Need For a Leapfrogging Strategy:

CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies) states, “Changes brought about by the digital revolution in the past 20 years make leapfrogging… not only a possibility but a necessity.”

Progressive client-facing technology that seamlessly integrates with your current systems and operations. Launch in weeks!

Leapfrogging in Action: From Landline to Cell Phones

In global development (which is, in effect, large-scale business development), Kenya is an African country that was far behind its peers regarding its telecommunications systems.

Leapfrogging the technology gap became necessary for their individuals and organizations to align with the modern world’s culture and business developments.

The Kenyan government oversaw new infrastructure developments leapfrogging directly to mobile phones. Wireless communication has allowed Kenyans to bypass fixed-line connections.

Leapfrog Your “Technology Gap” in Weeks

The good news is that you don’t need to be a country to benefit from the leapfrogging technique.

A Turnkey Mobile App Platform can help your small businesses leapfrog the tech gap by providing up-to-date, progressive, client-facing technology that seamlessly integrates with your current systems and operations.

An Agile Mindset for Efficient Growth

The impact of digital transformation is evident; however, many companies can pursue ineffective strategies.

Many business owners and executives are sold on a “shiny” new system with all the bells and whistles of modern mobile technology. However, they must first deploy the main system—an exhaustive migration process to benefit. These solutions become difficult to use and require extensive employee training and continual upkeep.

“40% of businesses surveyed by McKinsey & Company suffered revenue losses… and felt they were behind the competition in their use of digital technology.”

The opportunity cost and financial implications accumulate, and digital transformation becomes a hindrance rather than an efficient path forward.

To truly “Leapfrog,” your Mobile App Development needs to be streamlined and have an effective system to help you launch in a short period. This is key If you want to catch up to—and surpass—your competition and make your Custom Branded Mobile App your secret weapon.

Turnkey Mobile App Platform

At enCappture, we make it painless to launch and maintain a successful Custom Branded Mobile App for your business, and we do all the work for you! We have assisted numerous organizations in leapfrogging their current technology gaps.

Our Turnkey Mobile App Platform is an affordable and straightforward solution. In less than three weeks, you will be able to launch a uniquely branded, fully integrated Mobile App—with enterprise-level quality.

Your fully branded mobile app for iOS and Android will be listed on the major app store platforms, helping to improve customer engagement and client retention rates.

enCappture Client Case Study

Mom’s Choice Healthcare wanted to create an even more convenient and progressive client experience for mothers and families in Texas.

Thankfully, the team at Mom’s Choice Healthcare connected with enCappture, discovering the new done-for-you alternative to costly custom apps or hands-on low-code platforms.

Seamless Integration in Weeks:

The new Custom Mobile App needed to seamlessly integrate with their existing systems without the five-figure price tags attached to traditional developers.

Our Custom Mobile App Development team was able to help Mom’s Choice Healthcare to create a central hub where patients could schedule appointments, communicate with healthcare providers, access healthcare resources, and much more.

This consolidated touchpoint allows mothers in McKinney, Texas, to ensure their children’s optimal health with professional Pediatric healthcare and advice at their fingertips.

“65% of consumers feel a positive experience with a brand is more important than good advertising and would pay up to 16% more for a great experience.”

1-on-1 Mobile App Development Consultant

With our “Done for You” model, you can launch your fully-branded Mobile App in less than three weeks—without the exhaustive development and planning process you may have envisioned.

It doesn’t stop at the launch—the success of your mobile app is our number one mission. That’s why we assign you your own 1-to-1 Mobile App Development Consultant, or “Coach.” Your organization will have easy access to your coach, education, and training for employees—plus a built-in suite of detailed analytics and fully customizable options.

65% of consumers feel a positive experience with a brand is more important than good advertising and would pay up to 16% more for a great experience.

No Coding Required

Any time you wish to make updates and changes to your Custom Mobile App, you can get in touch with your dedicated mobile app coach, who will work with you to make changes to your app in real-time.

Need custom development on top of the current features?

If you need a special integration or feature that is not part of the current feature set, we can build that for you, and you don’t need to start from scratch! Your mobile coach will work with you and the mobile app development team to ensure your project goes smoothly.

enCappture was created to empower business owners, executives, and managers to make a lasting positive impact on their customers. All organizations and brands, no matter the size or industry, should be able to launch powerful enterprise-level mobile apps in a fraction of the traditional time and cost.

If you’d like to quickly transform your business into an industry leader with innovative customer solutions, get in touch with our Custom Mobile App Development team today! A specialist will contact you directly to help your business achieve the digital transformation you’ve always envisioned.