Leveraging a mobile app user experience to build community

October 6, 2021
mobile app to build community

Why is building community important for creating an amazing user experience?

Did you know that one person will tell anywhere from nine to 16 other people about a good experience they’ve had with a brand, business or organization? When you think of the scalability of building a brand or organization, you have to consider the power of community. And to build community, you need a mobile app. 

Building community, whether it’s online or offline, is something almost all humans participate in regardless of demographics, psycho graphics or socio-economic status. 

The importance of creating a community online, in terms of brand building, is that people often look to others for encouragement, opinions and engagement. It’s the feeling of belonging to something with like-minded people that drives the decision of whether or not someone decides to join at all. 

How to build your community

When thinking about how you can create community among your members, think about what’s most important to them. Like previously mentioned, people want to feel a sense of belonging, so create a community that tailors to their needs. 

If they all belong to the same association, consider segmenting that even further into micro communities. Perhaps your members are there to learn and have access to educational resources, while others are looking more for networking opportunities. 

Create a community for those that want to be educated and learn more about their respective business or industry. Give them tools at their disposal and forums where they can collaborate with their peers. 

For those members that like to network, create and launch an event that allows them to  meet others just like them. 

So, what does this mean when it comes to user experience within a mobile app? 

People are constantly engaged, often across numerous platforms at once. We’re pulled in every direction, with something or someone begging for our attention. So how and when do we find the time to engage with our communities? 

One of the biggest reasons why a mobile app is so great for community building is because people already spend a significant amount of time on their mobile devices. And if they have a reason to get on their mobile phones and engage, they will choose that channel over engaging on any other channel. 

Now couple the ease of engaging on their mobile device with interesting content and a community that they are passionate about, and you have an engaged member. 

Providing additional features such as a place to find important information about your association, or the ability to pay their dues and you’ve created a seamless experience for members. 

The great part about a mobile app is that you get to create the environment your members will live in. And when you can create something truly unique that entices them to come back time and time again, you’ve created an ecosystem that promotes community and engagement.


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