The difference between a mobile website and a mobile app

August 11, 2021
3 Branded encappture mobile apps

A mobile app and a mobile website are often interpreted as the same thing; however, they are fundamentally different in features, functionality and purpose. Mobile websites are, simply put, just websites optimized for a mobile device. A smaller screen on your mobile device means the content and the graphics need to be assembled so they can easily be found and seen on a mobile phone.

With a mobile app, you can personalize how you and your mobile app community communicates. You can tailor their communication experience by determining their interests, usage behavior and location. Users can create their own preferences on mobile apps that they can’t always do on a mobile site. Apps can also track user engagement to offer specific recommendations and updates.

So which does your company need?

Your website serves a very general purpose, it provides information to a broad audience, can provide a call-to-action such as a form or download, and contact information on how to reach someone at the company. Sites with more robust functionality can provide a slew of other options, but those options don’t often convey on a mobile device.

Creating a mobile app for your company, such as the type of app enCappture develops, can help your company engage with specific audiences such as employees, customers, members or other communities you want to communicate with.

Mobile app must-have features

Engagement opportunities

Engaging with customers, clients, employees or even certain communities is becoming harder and harder to do. With so many messages coming from so many devices, why not choose the device people use most…the mobile phone.

With apps like enCappture, you have multiple communication channels within the app, so you can engage with your targeted audiences right in the palm of their hand. Forums, push notifications and more are within the enCappture app and help you talk  directly with people.

Lead Generation

Use your app to drive business. Create strategies to push people to the app to sign up for events, gated content and more. Then once they’re there, talk to them! Having them “in-app” where you control the environment, provides a slew of opportunities for you to reach them.


Ever wonder what your employees really think about your business? What about member-based organizations, wouldn’t you like to know what your members really want out of their membership? With enCappture, you can run surveys and polls to determine the exact needs of your audience. The app is a great channel to leverage when you need information from the people you’re targeting most.


We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘new customer acquisition is far more expensive than retaining a current customer’. Customers jump to another brand because they don’t feel a sense of community with the current brand they’re with. With so many choices out there, consumers aren’t just looking for another good product, they are looking for a reason to emotionally connect with a brand.

With an app, you have many opportunities to connect with your community. Using forums and other ways to communicate with customers, you have a direct channel unlike other devices. You also have a captive audience, so offering special deals, discounts or events is another great way to connect with those that want to connect back.