October 11, 2021

Five Small Business Owners Share Their Secrets for Work-Life Balance.

Pre-COVID, our team spent a lot of time together in our New York City office collaborating on projects and meeting with clients. As an entrepreneur and mom of three, I’m very sensitive to the struggle of working two full-time jobs and thus have always emphasized a work-life balance with my team, which is composed mostly of women. Since we began working remotely in March of 2020, I often found it difficult to maintain team spirit, foster collaboration, keep Zoom fatigue at a minimum and make sure that our clients felt connected. I tried very hard to apportion meetings throughout the day and the week so that the team had work time and downtime. To break things up, we held a few COVID-compliant, socially distanced outdoor get-togethers at my home last summer, hosted Friday afternoon happy hours, and even threw ourselves a holiday party on our app.

Now that we’re slowly entering a post-COVID world, the team’s general consensus is that we’re very productive working from home, save hours of travel time and have more time for our children. When we do get together face-to-face, we find that our in-person time is even more valuable, so we’ve decided to continue working remotely for the short-term and make in-person meetings optional. I think that the pandemic has shown us there is a better way to work that supports women’s roles in the workplace and at home. I hope companies truly support remote work going forward to give women greater freedom of choice. Follow enCappture on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Denise DiSano, President and CEO, enCappture

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