Popwrapper.com Talks About Apps for Musicians

December 2, 2021
Popwrapper.com feature image of Denise DiSano

With everyone doing literally everything from their phone – you may well be reading this from yours! – it stands to reason that everyone who has any kind of business, small or large, should have their own mobile app. But the cost and technology involved can be intimidating and keep the average person from even entertaining the idea. That’s where enCappture comes in.

Founded by Denise DiSano, a leading technology entrepreneur with a deep understanding of technology and product development and a passion for making technology accessible to all, enCappture is helping to “democratize mobile apps” so that anyone – even independent musicians with limited budgets – can afford to have an app; widely considered a necessary tool in today’s internet and technology-driven world.

DiSano’s track record of creating platforms to help any and everyone move forward in any and all aspects of their lives and careers is impressive; she co-founded Marked Private in 2012 and conceived their first engagement platform product, Invite Bandz, connecting physical wristbands to a party host’s online personal portal, which is now available at over 500 retailers, including Amazon and Party City. PopWrapped sat down with Denise DiSano to find out more about enCappture, to discover why having an app is important for businesses and to learn how her company is making having an app a snap!  SEE THE FULL ARTICLE