We provide a wide range of services to help create your ideal app


Mobile App Strategy

Prior to developing your app, we will work with you to determine your app strategy. This will serve as your roadmap to creating, deploying, and leveraging your mobile app successfully.

Mobile app strategy: set up a strategy call with one of our Mobile Coaches, at which time we will:

  • Determine your target audience(s)
  • Define your technology vision and goals, and build a roadmap to achieve them
  • Create your “hook” workflow
  • Determine appropriate in-app content and features
  • Conduct gap analysis for additional features needed
  • Determine if integrations with third-party software are necessary

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Content Management Service for Custom Apps

We can manage the CMS dashboard for you! First, we create a process for sharing content. Then, we manage and update your platform.

Part of what makes your app a success among your users is fresh and engaging content. 

  • We will manage content for your mobile app experience. You supply the content and we put in into your CMS dashboard for a hands-free experience. Ask about our monthly plans to manage your dashboard.

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The enCappture mobile app engagement platform already includes robust features and functionality; however, sometimes a client needs something special included in the app that is specific to their business or goal.

Custom feature enhancement or development

  • We can enhance our existing features or develop new features for your mobile app based on your specific needs. Set up a deep dive session with a tech specialist to plan your specifications for the enhanced or new feature.


  • We will integrate your business software to create a seamless platform. Meet with a tech specialist to determine integration points with existing business software.
Custom Features for Mobile apps

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Currently, there are more than five million apps across the Apple IOS and Google Play stores. Also, different app stores leverage different ranking factors. To ensure your app ranks high in the app store among all the competition, you’ll need ASO (app store optimization).

We will:

  • Help improve your app’s visibility and stand out among other apps
  • Get you discovered by relevant users
  • Increase organic app downloads
  • Decrease user acquisition costs and get continuous growth
  • Increase app revenue

Our services:

  • You’ll receive a personalized ASO strategy targeting your exact audience
  • In-app optimization: app name, title, icon etc.
  • App management within the app stores for continuous growth
  • Recommendations on how to grow your audience even more (global downloads!)

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Mobile App Marketing and SEO services

Once your app is optimized within the app stores, you’ll need to promote it in order to drive traffic to the app stores for downloads. App marketing and SEO is an entirely different strategy from other marketing strategies.

We will:

  • Determine your targeted keywords for optimum search results
  • Recommend marketing channels to promote your app: i.e. social media, landing pages, blog, email
  • Create the content and manage the marketing channels
  • Measure the effectiveness of each channel and modify strategies accordingly
  • Provide monthly reporting


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Website development

  • We will design, build, and integrate a new company website, e-commerce solution or blog, or refresh your current assets. Meet with our web team to discuss a website refresh or build a new site from scratch.

Branding and design

  • We offer brand development and a brand style guide: including naming, logos, brand fonts, and colors.
Additional Mobile App services

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