Create, Launch and Manage an Event with a Mobile App

October 12, 2021
mobile app events

Why should associations consider events as a retention tool?

According to the McKinley Association Viewpoint whitepaper recently released, 2021 has seen a 51 percent decrease in membership retention. This stark number is a reminder that member-based associations need to up their game in order to appeal to members. 

Events are a great way to demonstrate an association’s willingness to provide experiences for members that resonate. It’s an expectation that networking opportunities be a part of membership. 

Great events are also important when demonstrating the value your organization brings to a member. The better the event, the more value a member can derive from your association. 

That said, creating something impactful, and managing it can be complicated to say the least; especially in today’s environment. So having a tool right in the palm of your hand that can do it all is beneficial to both the organization and its members. 

How to create events people want to attend

Although we are on the downward trend regarding COVID, some people are still apprehensive about meeting in person, while some people just can’t wait for face-to-face meetings. 

Mobile apps are a great way to create, launch and manage virtual or in-person events. 

People attend membership-based events for two reasons: they want to network, or they want to learn something new. Why not give them both? 

Create a virtual event that segments attendees based on their preferences. Provide those attendees with an experience tailored to them. Have access to materials they might find useful, and offer learning opportunities all through a mobile app. 

For an in-person event, create an in-app experience that guides members through the before, during and post event activities. Add resources for them to review about the upcoming speaker and topics. And during the event conduct real-time polls and Q&A sessions. After the event on the way out the door offer prizes for those that take the quick in-app survey. This is a great way to finally get responses to your surveys to provide valuable data and insights on what your members need and want. 

Tailoring an experience like these shows members that the organization cares about their preferences and desires. 

Unique features you can bring to members through a mobile app

Imagine if you could provide event information, publish an attendee list, create a media gallery, give information about the speaker, provide the event’s presentation and allow members to register all in one place and all on their mobile device. Sounds impossible right? 

Actually, these features and more are included in a mobile app. 

Gone are the days of trying to get people to a website to register, then sending them elsewhere for more information. And you no longer have to send emails with speaker notes or provide a Dropbox link with images from the event. 

Now your members go on their mobile phones and access everything in one place. 

Measure the success of your event to create better future events

Did you know through a mobile app you can conduct surveys to determine what your members like and don’t like? Being able to capture this sort of information post event is crucial to the success of future events. 

Consider measuring how well the event’s content was received. Find out from your members whether they thought the event met their expectations. And survey them regarding their thoughts on future events. 

Having the ability to determine what worked and didn’t work at your event is a powerful tool for any organization. 

Mobile apps are a necessity these days for all associations. Being able to better engage with your members, provide them more value, and tailor their experience right in the palm of their hand is a game changer for struggling organizations. 


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