How to Build Your Real Estate Brand with a Mobile App

February 14, 2022
How to Build Your Real Estate Brand with a Mobile App

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “real estate app”? You probably thought “Zillow” immediately, but mobile real estate apps can do a lot more for realtors than simply showcase properties. Take Capri Truvillion, a Dallas-based realtor and entrepreneur, for example: With a little creative thinking, Truvillion has found innovative ways to build an audience of engaged real estate professionals and ultimately grow her businesses using a mobile real estate app. 

Building an app for real estate professionals

Capri Truvillion headshot real estate apps

Capri Truvillion, Truvillion Real Estate Academy

Truvillion decided to build her own real estate app after a social media disaster struck, but like many owners of small- to medium-sized business owners, Truvillion was not sure how to go about creating a mobile app — which is often a long and expensive process. Ultimately, she turned to enCappture, which specializes in creating custom turnkey mobile apps, where all the work is done for you. 

Drawing on a library of pre-existing features that can be customized for any use, enCappture allows busy people to have an app with zero effort in as little as three weeks. A real estate app is exactly what Truvillion needed to keep in touch with thousands of contacts on her own terms.

“Now that my database lives in the app, I can actually interact with them in the palm of their hands (and mine) instead of going through the motions of logging on to Facebook or a computer,” says Truvillion. “Now I control who gets my messaging and when.” 

In the real estate industry, your personal brand is everything — and that’s especially true for Truvillion, who goes beyond selling houses to helping other realtors find success. “Everyone thinks I’m a celebrity,” Truvillion jokes. But there is a kernel of truth as she points out, “They know me before I know them. I guess my branding is working… people know what I’m doing because of the way that I’m doing it… on a mobile app.” 

The benefits of a custom mobile app

Notoriety is great, but the custom mobile app enCappture built and launched actually allows Truvillion to deliver content and connect with her incredibly engaged following. She says, “Facebook is cool but if people have to go and find my posts, it’s going to be a headache and very discouraging, so they won’t do it. I love the fact that I can just let them know what we are going to talk about and send the link.” 

To learn more about how Capri Truvillion has turned a custom mobile app into a competitive advantage in the real estate business, download our case study.