Manage Your Content Right from Your Mobile Device

October 24, 2021
manage your content

Content can come in many forms: text, images, video and more. As an association, creating content for your members is an important part of their membership. So, it begs the question, what sort of content should you provide to your members? And more importantly, how do you provide content to your members that’s easily accessible? It’s not easy to manage your content. To learn more, read on. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your members. Think about what sort of information they’d want to have access to. 

Begin with information about your association, and how someone interested in joining might access that information. Think beyond the typical website and how you might reach new members through other channels. 

Next, create a seamless onboarding experience that has all the information your members need right at their fingertips. Forms should be just a click or two away. And consider how-to videos during the onboarding process. 

Finally, provide your members with a member directory. Having a simple way members can connect with other members is a great way to promote engagement with your association. 

How can content help you grow your organization?

Creating good content can be expensive, so you want to make sure that the content you do create is targeted to your members’ needs and wants. But, how do you know what they want? 

Polls and surveys are always a good way to obtain information from your members. Facilitating surveys through their mobile device is a simple way to get their attention and provide information an association can use to create a better member experience

Consider a survey post the onboarding process, which will help to create a better experience. Poll your members at the time of membership renewal. This type of information can help to continue to improve the membership experience and even increase membership retention. 

How to make content available to your members through a simple and seamless channel

People spend five to six hours per day on their mobile phones. That’s extraordinary! The mobile phone has become the go-to device for everything from information gathering to conducting business. With people spending so much time on their phones, why not make everything they need available to them on the same device. 

Through a mobile app, you can curate and offer everything a member might need right down to the forms they fill out to become members. Launch an event and provide guest registration, event notes and event presentations right on their phones. 

Create a bank of links to other resources that are important to members, so they are just one-click away from what they seek online. 

Provide educational videos or how-to videos on subjects that matter to them. And provide documents they may need all from their mobile device. 

Today, there is no better way to give your members what they need than through the device they spend the most time on. Consider launching a mobile app for your association. 

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