Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Your Association with a Mobile App

October 18, 2021

Why is promoting diversity and inclusion important? 

Businesses and associations alike are finding that promoting diversity and inclusion within their respective organizations is more important than ever before. With so many member-based organizations to choose from, on both the national and local level, people are becoming more particular about which associations they join. Have you considered using a mobile app to promote diversity?

Diversity and inclusion is becoming increasingly more important to interested members. Since associations are all about building communities for their members to thrive in, why wouldn’t members want to feel a sense of belonging no matter their color, religion and so on. 

Fostering this type of environment is crucial to the success of your organization. Here we provide five great tips on how to promote diversity and inclusion in your member-based association with a mobile app. 

Create a video 

Video is one of the most impactful ways you can engage your audience. And with a message as important as how you support diversity, you’ll want to create a video that demonstrates just that. 

With a mobile app, you can upload your video and promote it right within your app. Encourage your members to watch it, and remind them it’s easily accessible right from their mobile device. 

Establish training modules 

Diversity training has become a sought after experience. Within some associations, it’s even mandatory. 

Establish a series of training modules that educate your members on how to embrace diversity within your association. Offer tips on engaging with others with diverse backgrounds. And perhaps create specialized events that support this very type of engagement. 

Offer certifications that come along with your training, and consider incentivizing your members to take the training. 

Launch message boards

In-app message boards are a great way to create conversations around topic areas. You can have a message board dedicated specifically to your diversity program, and encourage people to provide stories, support and other communication. 

For deeper engagement, create a message board based on a specific topic such as: generational diversity, cultural diversity and stereotypes. Then link each message board to a particular training module for better understanding. 

Have an event

Hosting an event that brings people together from all walks of life is a great way to support diversity within your organization. Providing an opportunity for members to meet other members from different cultures and backgrounds not only promotes the cause of diversity, but it’s a great way for members to network as well. 

Whether your event is created, hosted and managed within your app or you have a location-based event, consider leveraging games your members can play that promote engagement. Games are a great way to encourage people to interact. 

Embed your diversity program in your onboarding process

You can create an onboarding process right on your mobile device. And what better way to support your diversity program than through the member onboarding process. 

Since your onboarding process can be facilitated through a mobile app, offer information about your program when you have your members’ undivided attention. This is a great place to also promote your message boards with specific topics and your training modules. 

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