Why are Mobile Apps for Business So Important?

May 12, 2022
Why are Mobile Apps for Business So Important?

Catering to the shifting demands of consumers is integral to business success in 2022—shopping has changed significantly in recent years, and many individuals prefer to browse and make purchases on their mobile devices.

A website by itself is not enough in today’s market because modern consumers prefer apps that provide users with an enhanced experience. Additionally, apps can also offer better communication, features and greater speed so that retailers can thrive, and this article aims to outline the reasons why mobile apps for business are so important:

Mobile Interaction is a Part of Everyday Lifestyle 

Whether you own a smartphone or tablet, your eyes are likely glued to your devices because they can offer you whatever you want, whenever you want it. Retailers need to meet consumers where it’s most convenient. Positioning your products or services through a mobile app will drive positive conversions. 

According to Oberlo, mobile applications account for 70% of all US digital media time, and the typical smartphone user downloads 30 mobile apps per month. It’s clear from these metrics that an official mobile application is beneficial for your organization. By having a mobile app on the Google Play and/or iOS App Stores, your brand’s presence is solidified as top-of-mind and positioned as convenient, easy to use, and adaptive to modern technology.

Mobile App Interaction is a Part of Everyday Lifestyle 

Your Brand Will Remain Relevant

Without a mobile app, your business will fall behind competitors, and consumers will regard your organization as slow to adapt and not as convenient as other options. 

Your organization needs to demonstrate an ability to adapt to new technology, implementing aesthetically attractive and practical user experiences into your digital brand presence. Ultimately, your company’s ability to adapt to technology and provide convenient solutions shows customers that you care. This technological adaption and ubiquity will position you ahead of the competition, on par with the leaders in your industry. This business agility and modernity will also allow you to stay relevant in today’s retail market, which is rapidly evolving. If you choose not to develop a mobile app, you will lose customers as they will go and shop elsewhere.

Build Brand Loyalty

Mobile apps will help your business achieve its financial goals, but they will also help you build brand loyalty. A mobile app will allow your business to establish loyalty programs and provide timely offers that your customers will be able to take advantage of. Your mobile app serves as a much more direct line of communication between the customer and your brand. With push notifications, your customers can instantly receive limited-time offer coupons. Your app will be able to target meaningful offers to specific audience segments at the perfect time, which will benefit both your business and your customers.

Your Mobile App Will Support Your Physical Stores

Your app and physical store should not be viewed as separate entities because shoppers want the power of making their own choices between physical and digital. The gap between your physical store and its digital assets should be minimal, seamlessly connecting consumers to your physical retail location through its mobile apps and other digital properties.

Many consumers will use mobile applications while making purchases at the physical location. Buyers like to know as much as possible about a product or service before committing to buying it, so they will turn to their smartphones for additional information. They may have a look online prior to making a trip to your location or view your mobile app while at the store to research products, services and promotions that are available for them. Customers can also order and pay for goods quickly within your mobile app and then collect their purchases in-store, providing them with a convenient and seamless purchasing experience.

A New Stress-Free Way to Get a Mobile App for Your Business

Small businesses and retailers cannot ignore advances in technology. However, it may seem daunting to venture into the world of building a mobile application from scratch. If you’re ready to grow your sales and quickly launch a branded custom mobile app for your business, enCappture can help! We are experts in mobile app development with years of experience helping businesses modernize their digital brand presence. 

Launch a branded mobile app in just weeks.

Our team can get your custom mobile app live within app stores in weeks and guide you through the entire process. Most mobile apps take months or even up to a year with planning, coding, development, and administrative work to comply with regulations to list your app with the major platforms. enCappture can expedite the entire process for you, making it a pain-free experience.

We create every app with the same objectives in mind: beautiful design, easy navigation, and enhanced engagement. If you are interested in custom mobile app development and are looking for a mobile app builder, contact our team today to create your app and help your business thrive.