Why & How Often Should You Update Your Custom Mobile App?

July 7, 2022
Why & How Often Should You Update Your Custom Mobile App?

You’ve put a lot of time, money, and effort into your app. You’re proud of it, and you should be.

But here’s the thing: a custom mobile app is a tool. And like any tool, your app needs to be maintained to function optimally. 

A custom mobile app for your business grants unique access to data that might otherwise be left out. As an app owner, you are able to track and see user behavior, conversion rates, customer lifetime value, retention, churn rates, and a bevy of other marketing data at your disposal. This data provides the groundwork to navigate how you want to give an updated, relevant hub of brand interaction for your customers, clients, and prospects.

This article will examine why you should update your app and how often you should update it.

Eliminate Outdated Features and Functions

Certain aspects of your app will become irrelevant over time, which is inevitable due to the speed at which technology advances. Having a good suite of analytics in your Mobile App Platform is key to understanding what your users are actually using this way updating your mobile app allows you to eliminate features in your app that are no longer beneficial to your business or your users. Your custom mobile app will have a less cluttered user interface with practical, modern elements and design so that users can quickly and easily access the information needed.

Mobile App Development Consultant

During the research phase for custom app builders, you will likely have conducted a thorough market analysis and gathered a wealth of market data about how people may use your mobile app. 

However, you need to decide when to roll out an update at some point. It’s essential to approach these updates with the background perspective of understanding where your users are using your product.

Why & How Often Should You Update Your Custom Mobile App?

Four main reasons to update your mobile app:

  1. Your direct competitor updated their app with new features
  2. You want to get press coverage for your updates
  3. Your app was recently featured in the news or by a celebrity
  4. Your custom mobile app builder has added brand-new features for functionality and convenience

Anyone who has worked in marketing can tell you that retaining audience traffic and revenue for your business or product is hard. You can put together a fantastic product or business model, but it’s all for nothing if you don’t get the word out, and this is where updating your app comes in. By updating your app regularly, you have a great story to share and gain the ability to attract new customers with simple improvements. You can set your business apart from competitors in the market by providing relevant, feedback-oriented upgrades, which shows you listen to your users!

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So how often should you update your app? That depends on how long it takes you to add the new features and edit the app itself. If your business is a small businesses or start-up, we recommend updating your app every four weeks. If you are a larger company with more resources, then updating more frequently would be beneficial.

Updates to Your Mobile App can be More Than Just Features

The benefit of using a Mobile App Development Platform is that you can quickly and easily

refresh content without having to submit a formal update to the Apple App store or the Google Play Store.  With the comprehensive dashboard and CMS you can easily add new content real time, and it instantly changes in your businesses mobile app. 

Streamline your content publishing workload

Another great feature of a mobile app development platform vs custom coded mobile apps is you can also frame content from your mobile friendly website directly into the app, so it looks native to the app. Doing this can be a great time saver as you only need to update the content in one place and the content in your mobile app is also instantly updated as well. 

Should you update your app regularly? Or should you only make updates when necessary?

Regular app updates allow users to enjoy and experience the brand the way it was intended each time they open your app.

Why & How Often Should You Update Your Custom Mobile App?

If you have an app, ensure that your team of custom mobile app builders provides fresh new features and upgrades. Research shows that mobile app users do not download apps that haven’t been updated in a while. They assume that an old version isn’t as good as the latest version, or that there are security issues and bugs. Or, they can assume a competitor has taken the place of the outdated application, moving on to a better experience.

But if you regularly update your app, new features will sometimes add a push notification that is an excellent avenue for multiple touchpoints with your customers. Your audience feels more engaged with the brand, which builds trust. Regular mobile app updates help keep trust in your brand, translating into higher retention rates. The ubiquity of your brand’s presence as top-of-mind for your users will, in turn, translate into increased customer loyalty and hopefully more leads and sales.

Custom Mobile App Builders

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